This email, with personal information redacted, was provided Tuesday to The Gainesville Sun of the USA TODAY Network by a voter in Alachua County, Florida.

Law enforcement and election officials are investigating threatening emails sent to voters in multiple Florida counties pressuring them to vote for President Donald Trump and claiming to be from a far-right group with a history of violent confrontations.

The emails, which appeared to be sent from “,” said the group had obtained contact information about the voter and threatened to “come after” the person if they don’t vote for Trump 

The Proud Boys, a group that catapulted to national attention in September when Trump dodged a chance to condemn them, denied responsibility and condemned the emails. 

“No, it wasn’t us. The people (who sent the emails) used a spoofing email that pretended to be us,” Enrique Tarrio, international chairman of the Proud Boys, told USA TODAY. “Whoever did this should be in prison for a long time.”

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