Microsoft Surface Pro 5: The Three Reasons Why It Could Be Better Than iPad Pro 2

Apple could be everyone’s choice because of its most formidable device yet but Microsoft has been championing their customers. But what could be the reasons why Surface Pro 5 could dominate this year? Here are the three reasons:

Kaby Lake Processors.

If there is something users noticed about the Surface Pro devices is its powerful processors. The Surface Pro 4 is equipped with laptop-grade processors. On the other hand, iPad Pro has been utilizing chips designed for mobile devices.

Trusted Reviews also took notice that since the iPad Pro 2 is equipped with an A10x processor, the Surface Pro 5 would have Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake chops. They said that Apple’s A10X is good but it is no match to Kaby Lake Intel i5 or i7-series chip.

So the iPad Pro 2 could run a great processor, it only has the power of a mobile phone. Unlike in Surface Pro 5, the processors are on the laptop-grade and its productivity could even be compared to a PC.

Surface Dial, Keyboard, And Pen.

The device might look slick with its design and processor but it all boils down with how effective their accessories are. IPad Pro 2 has Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil while the Surface Pro 5 has Surface Keyboard and Surface Pen.

There is an ongoing rumor that the Surface Pro 5 would also come with a smaller version of the Surface Studio’s Surface Dial. As what experts said, it can be described as an “all-in-one’s revolutionary tool.”