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    COVID-19 and pregnancy: Tips from experts | Health Beat

    Pregnant women should take extra care to reduce their exposure to COVID-19. (For Spectrum Health Beat)No mom-to-be expects to add details...

    ‘The sweetest thing ever’ | Health Beat

    Two years ago, Lyric Green, a single mom, found herself confronting homelessness, job loss and the financial strains of childcare. (Chris Clark |...

    New baby, new roles | Health Beat

    Your newest family member will demand lots of attention—and there’ll be plenty of opportunities for dad to help out. (For Spectrum...

    Another option for pregnancy pain? | Health Beat

    Acupressure may help some women combat pregnancy troubles such as nausea. (For Spectrum Health Beat)You may have heard of acupuncture, the...

    ‘The most terrifying thing we have ever done’ | Health Beat

    Mallory Hoeve couldn't wait to welcome her third child into the family. (Taylor Ballek | Spectrum Health Beat) Mallory soon found that she faced...

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